Cheap Meal Idea 1: Honey Mustard Garlic Shrimp

Talk about YUM!

This cheap meal is absolutely delicious and took us less then 15 minutes to cook! 

Picture from Julia’s Album

Honey Mustard Garlic Shrimp Recipe

Cheap Meal Idea 2: Lemony Tuna and Olive Oil
Michelle and I really enjoyed this meal. Although we would recommend using a high quality tuna. Some of the reviews indicate that. Even though we want the cheapest meal ideas, spend a little bit on a better tuna.

Picture from Real Simple

Lemony Tuna and Olive Oil Recipe

Cheap Meal Idea 3: Breadless Tuna Melt in a Tomato
A tuna melt that is delicious, healthy and low cost…. Tell me more! This is an absolutely delicious dish that is one the cheapest meal ideas we found.

Photo from Pescatarian and the Pig

Breadless Tuna Melt in a Tomato Recipe

Cheap Meal Idea 4: Tuna Cakes
Sara at shares a great meal that her and her daughter makes. Not only is this cheap meal idea yummy, but you can involve the little ones in making it. 
Picture from Sarah Lipoff

Tuna Cakes Recipe


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